2017 Christmas ornament


It is time to capture your favorite 2017 memory.  Find your favorite picture and let me seal it between two pieces of glass.  Ornaments come with a hook and arrive in a decorative bag.  Vertical and horizontal options available. $16.00 per ornament. Contact Dawn to start creating your piece. dmgrand27@q.com



double sided charms

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and see what POWERCHARMS can do for you.  We have created many collections so I am sure you will be able to find a piece that fits your need. Please take a few minutes and browse through the many options.  I love creating so if you have another idea in mind, please contact me and we can work together to create that piece.

Classic Collection
Hand and Foot Prints
Memorial Charms/Ornaments
Personalized Signatures
Sports Charms
Wedding Charms
Personalized with Your Photos

Due to the personalization of each piece, orders are taken by contacting me through email.


Wedding Bouquet Charms

wedding bouquet charms

Bouquet charms

These charms are a perfect way to personalize your bouquets for your special day. Each charm is 1 1/4″ square and has two sides.  I will work with you to create a piece that you will be happy to display.  If you prefer, a photo of the bride and groom can be placed on one side of the charm.  Many different options to help make these your special pieces.

Each charm is $13.00.

If you order 5 charms, you will receive a free one for your bridal bouquet.

Please email me or call if you have additional questions.


Preserve a Special Hand and Foot Print

hand and foot prints

Hold a memory close by preserving your child’s hand or foot print.

Each piece is double sided so you can add a special picture, piece of art work, or quote on the second side. The images are encased between glass and sealed with solder.

Once you decide which piece you would like to create, you will send a digital image of the hand or foot prints along with a picture for the second side. It tends to work well to use a camera phone to take a picture of the prints. I ask that you take the picture looking straight down and make sure the picture is in focus.

Once the images are received the work will begin. The more information you can provide when ordering the faster the proof will be created and sent for approval. Once approval have been given on the proof, the piece will be created and sent out within a week and often times much sooner.

Charms $13
1 1/4″ X 1 1/4″ square charm
1 1/4″ X 2″ charm

24″ ball chain $3

Ornaments $16
2″ X 3″ ornaments will include an ornament hook

Please email me to start the process  dmgrand27@q.com

Hold A Memory Close: Personalized Signatures

script cross

Create a special piece with a signature or hand written note. I will work with you to create a piece that will live with you forever. Each piece is double sided so you have endless options when creating your piece.  Once you make your decision on what piece you would like to order, you will send me a digital image of the signature.  It works well to take a picture of the signature with a camera phone and email it to me.  When take the picture, it works best to take the picture by looking straight down at it.  Please make sure that the image is in focus.

Prices vary depending on size and number of signatures on each piece, see information below for specifics- sizes are estimates
Prices below are based on one signature.  If you would prefer a different signature on each side, please add $2.00 to your piece.

1 1/4″  square charm $13.00
3/4″ X 2″ long rectangle $13.00
1 1/4″ X 2 ” rectangle charm $13.00
2″ X 3″ ornament $16.00
24″ ball chain $3.00




Your Photo or Mine?

If you enjoy photography, or have a favorite photo,  why not have a piece created using your own photos.  Each charm consists of two photographs soldered between  glass to create a double sided charm or ornament.    Any of these charms and ornaments can be created using my pictures or yours.  Minimal photoshop work is available at no additional cost.  Please look through my collections to become inspired and then let me help you create a special piece .

3/4″ X  1 1/4″ small charm $10.00

1 1/4″ square charm $13.00

3/4″ x 2″ long charm $13.00: This is the newest addition to my collections.  It is a very fun charm if you have just the right picture.
treasured gift

1 1/4″ X 2″ charm/small ornament $13.00

2″ X 3″ ornament $16.00

4″ X 4″ square $25.00

18″ or 24″ ball chain $3.00

Email me to start the process of creating your piece  dmgrand27@q.com
Dawn 651-270-7021

Shipping rates are $3.00 for the first item and 50 cents for each additional item sent to the same address.  Payment can be made through paypals or by personal check.

If you need help determining which size piece will best meet your needs, print off the sizing chart below on an 8 1/2″ X 11″ piece of paper.

sizing cart_edited-2

In Memory

memorial 2

Hold onto a memory of that special person who is no longer with you.  Ornaments or charms can be created to help comfort you as you adjust to life without your loved one.

Each piece is double sided which allows for many options.  Maybe you have a couple pictures you would like to use or maybe a special quote.  These pieces allow the flexibility to create something that will bring comfort through the difficult days.

I have created many memorial pieces and have a lot of samples I can send to help start creating your piece.

2″ X 3″ ornament $16.00

1/1/4″ X 2″ charm $13.00

24″ ball chain $3.00

Signature charms are also a special way to hold onto a treasured memory.



 Sports charms…


Sports charms are a fun way to show your team spirit.  Personalize a charm with your athlete  and wear it with pride as you are cheering from the side lines.  They also make great ornaments as a special keepsake for years to come.

1 1/4″ X 2″ Charm $13.00

2″ X 3″ Ornament $16.00

24″ ball chain $3.00

Shipping rate $3.00 for first necklace, 50 cents each additional item

Please contact dmgrand27@q.com to start the process

Double Sided Inspirational Charms: Classic Collection

double sided charms

Regular price: $7.00 per charm
$3.00 for 18″ chain
(plus tax)

This is my CLASSIC COLLECTION of charms that I created using photographs I have taken.  Each charm includes an inspirational word to help you get through life’s many challenges.

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2009 and have had a clean bill of health since 2010.  This journey let me discover that we each have a  power word that helps us get through life’s challenges.  My word happens to be PERSPECTIVE.  Life throws us many curve balls and we just need to step back, put things in perspective, and move forward.  Part of the profit from this collection are donated to others dealing with cancer.

We are all given gifts and it is our responsibility to share those gifts with others.

Shipping and handling rates are $3.00 for the first charm and 50 cents for each additional charms sent to the same address.  Now accepting Paypals payments.




fundraising samples_edited-1

Powercharms main goal is to give back to others. Please let us assist you in raising funds for something close to your heart. There will be minimal work on your end and the charms really sell themselves. I will do everything I can to help you make this an easy, successful event. Pieces can be created with pictures I have or with your own special pictures. This is a great way to bring awareness to something close to your heart or raise funds to help someone struggling.

Please email me for specific details.



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